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Who we are

suhasa is the husband & wife team of Susan and Hannes Brits, marketing consultants, promoters and distributors.

suhasa was started to connect business with their target markets in as many ways as possible and because we are also a new company trying to make a mark, we know how difficult the road can be to get noticed. We have been fortunate and blessed to connect with the right people for our business and to take one step forward everyday, learning and experiencing new lessons everyday and growing everyday.

What we do

suhasa assists businesses, individuals and organisations, through a variety of media platforms and innovations, to spread the words they would like Matlosana to hear.

This is done through:

  • The distribution of promotional materials direct to the clients’  target market.
  • The distribution of marketing materials direct to the clients’ target market.
  • Identifying the clients’ target market and introducing this market to the clients’ products and services.(door to door marketing)
  • Supplying the client with a detailed information sheet of the targets reached.
  • The placing of advertisements in printed and online media formats.
  • The creation of advertisements according to the client’s need and expectations for printed and online media.
  • Branding of eg.vehicles, stationary, shop fronts and books.
  • Printing of eg. course materials, stationary, books and pamphlets.
  • Instasearch, an app that instantly connects potential customers to your business.
  • Advertise using the sky above as your “billboard.”

How we do it

suhasa has partners in printed and online media, a radio station, a promotions and marketing material distributor, an arial advertiser, brand developers, an application developer and a multimedia solutions company – giving our clients a significant amount of choice, to not only suit their needs, but to effectively work within their marketing budgets.

suhasa knows all businesses and corporations have their own needs and ambitions, and it is very important, for our existence,  to promote these sectors  professionally, in detail and with great care. This is, ultimately, where we learn from leaders,  shape our ideals and take our steps to perfection.

Why we do it

Being a company that is still in its infancy, we have realised that you have no choice but to market yourself, using innovation and tools that fit into your budget.

Marketing has to be part of your everyday existence, whether by word of mouth, social media or a huge billboard, information needs to be shared or it won’t be information…

Brand development is key to any business whether big or small, local or national. This forms the core of any business because this gets you noticed and gets you into the everyday life of consumers. Together with trust, availability and consistency, the marketing of business and how the business is marketed is very important and greatly assists in the trust, availability and consistency the business wants to instill in customers.

No marketing = no information = no customers

we’ll spread the word…