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Printed media

  • A printed magazine to inform, educate and entertain Matlosana.
  • Monthly distribution of 10 000 copies to Matlosana and all surrounding townships.
  • A non political, non racial, non religious product – article driven.
  • Advertisers receive much more than just an”ad in a mag“. Free, value added services form part of each advertisement placed – terms and conditions apply.
  • Advertising rates are well under the industry standard.


Online media

  • An all in one, one of a kind, online news and information leader in Matlosana.
  • In excess of 9000 likes on Facebook.
  • Thousands of daily visitors to the site, culminating to over 66 000 visits per month culminating to over 2 million hits!!
  • Numerous marketing options within one product, again, truly and surprisingly affordable.
  • Top class media outlet, bringing you up to the minute news from Matlosana and surrounding areas 24/7.
  • Daily update of the site.
  • Very interactive for users/ visitors to the site.
  • Wonderful variety of choice, entertainment, information and interests that keep visitors coming back for more.



  • The distribution of promotional and marketing materials direct to our clients’ target  market eg. pamphlets, flyers, menus, business cards, gifts
  • Tariffs: R150.00 per person per day.
  • The client can book distributors per day.
  • The client chooses the area or areas / target market.(this can influence how many distributors will be needed
  • The client chooses door to door ( business or residential ) or high traffic areas.
  • All distribution of materials are documented and forwarded to the client.
  • suhasa can distribute up to 1000 promotional and marketing materials per person per day depending on area, target market and method of distribution.
  • suhasa can also help to  identify the clients’ target market and introduce this market to the clients’ products and services (door to door market research).
  • suhasa will also supply the client with a detailed information sheet of the targets reached.
  • Tariffs: R200.00 per person per day.
  • suhasa identifies & introduces clients, on average, to about 40 businesses per day.


Brand development

  • Brand development is key to any business whether big or small, local or national. This forms the core of any business because this gets you noticed and gets you into the everyday life of consumers. Together with trust, availability and consistency, the marketing of business and how the business is marketed is very important and greatly assists in the trust, availability and consistency the business wants to instill in customers.
  • suhasa has several partners that developed products of the highest quality to assist in developing brands all the way from business logos to websites and everything in between.
  • Branding of vehicles, branding of stationary and the creation of ads are all new additions to our services.



  • Printing is the most common and certainly the most affordable way to reach your target market.
  • suhasa not only distributes promotional & marketing materials but also prints these materials.
  • suhasa prints books, study materials, promotional and marketing materials, pamphlets, magazines, menus, clothing, banners, business cards, advertising boards for eg. Estate agencies, removable magnets for vehicles and anything and everything that can be printed on, with today’s technology.
  • Printing is done both digitally and with the lithograph method.
  • Prices are determined through quantities printed and the method used.
  • Added to printing we do stickers in all sizes and shapes.


Aerial advertising

  • This part of our product range is very exiting and very popular as it is both unexplored in this region and a great new way of getting noticed.
  • More details to follow soon.


Insta search application

  • A smartphone application for consumers that automatically let’s them connect with the service they require and the suppliers providing that service.
  • Free downloadable application.
  • More details to follow soon.